How To Remove Aukey Metal Plate

Aukey is an affordable brand of locks that has gained popularity in recent years due to its stylish designs and reasonable prices. However, removing an Aukey metal plate from your can be challenging, especially if you have a hard time remembering the key sequence or if it’s difficult to find the correct key.

How To Remove Aukey Metal Plate

(How To Remove Aukey Metal Plate)

One way to remove an Aukey metal plate from your lock is to use a set of specialized tools such as pliers, nails, and wire cutters. Here’s how to do it:

1. Turn off the: Before attempting to remove the plate, make sure you turn off the power supply. This will prevent further damage to your keys or the hardware on the lock.

2. Loosen the keyset: Use your pliers to loosen the keyset. The pliers should help you push off the locking mechanism and into the plate. Make sure you break off the handle of the pliers, which is usually on top of the keyset. Use your fingers to gently grip onto the keyset, but don’t try to pull it out too hard.

3. Disconnect the lock: Once you’ve loosened the keyset, disconnect the lock. Most locks come with a separate keyset that contains the correct key sequence. Unplug the lock from the wall and wait for it to cool down before attempting to remove the plate.

4. Move the plate: Once the plate is removed, follow these steps to move it out of the lock:

– away the necessary wire cutters or pliers.

– Cut off the plate using one end and the other end of each metal strip.

– Make sure the plate is completely free of the nuts and bolts that hold the plate in place.

– Repeat this process for all the metal strips attached to the plate.

5. Allow the plate to cool: Once the plate is fully extracted, allow it to cool down for a few minutes. This will ensure that the lock remains unlocked when you open it again.

6. Attach the plate to the keyset: If you’re still unsure about how to remove the plate, you may want to attach it to the appropriate keyset. The keyset typically includes a dial that contains the lock sequence, so you’ll need to replace it with the correct key sequence. If you’re unsure where to attach the plate, refer to the manual on the product packaging.

How To Remove Aukey Metal Plate

(How To Remove Aukey Metal Plate)

In summary, removing an Aukey metal plate from your lock requires some specialized tools and patience. By following these steps, you can safely and easily remove the plate without damaging your lock or the hardware on the lock.

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