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Zr/Steel Zirconium/Steel clad plate is a kind of metal composite plate material with extremely high-quality properties.

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Overview of Zirconium Steel Composite Plate Zirconium Attired Plate

Zirconium/steel composite plate is a new type of bimetallic composite product in which zirconium is the cladding and steel is the base layer. It combines the benefits of zirconium and steel with the outstanding deterioration resistance of zirconium and the toughness and stability of steel.

Zirconium/steel composite plate is a product utilized in construction and engineering structures. It uses a steel plate as the base layer, a marinaded zirconium/steel composite plate, or tailor-welded zirconium/steel composite plate as the cladding layer and an explosively bonded technique to attach both boards.

Attributes of Zirconium Steel Composite Plate Zirconium Attired Plate

Solid corrosion resistance: Since zirconium can respond with oxygen airborne to produce a dense passivation movie at space temperature, zirconium/steel composite plate has better corrosion resistance than stainless steel, titanium, and nickel alloys for a lot of the natural and not natural acids, strong bases, molten salts, and various other media.

Great mechanical buildings and thermal conductivity: the mechanical buildings and thermal conductivity of zirconium and steel are better, making zirconium/steel composite plates have a wide application possibility in the fields of stress vessels, warmth exchanger tube plates, tower parts, and pipes.

Resource-saving and price decrease: zirconium/steel composite plates prepared by explosion welding technology can adequately use the advantages of zirconium, steel, stainless steel, tantalum, and titanium, hence reducing the material cost and boosting the product toughness.

In terms of application, zirconium/steel composite plates are primarily used for high-end zirconium and zirconium alloy composite plates in large chemical and nuclear market projects to satisfy unique corrosion-resistant requirements. Furthermore, they can also be used to manufacture pressure vessels, pipelines, and other areas with excellent corrosion resistance and high toughness properties.

Advantages of Zirconium Steel Composite Plate Zirconium Attired Plate

Outstanding corrosion resistance: Zirconium/steel composite panels are resistant to deterioration in media such as acid, antacids, salt, and salt water and can maintain their size and stamina for a long period of time.

High toughness: Zirconium/steel composite panels have high stamina and can stand up to huge lots and anxieties, so they are widely made use of in various engineering structures and buildings.

Excellent heat resistance: Zirconium/steel composite panels can still maintain their strength and stability in high-temperature environments and can be used in engineering structures and tools.

Excellent engineering efficiency: zirconium Steel composite plate zirconium attired plate has good processing and welding performance and can be easily reduced, pierced, bonded, and various other processing procedures, so it is widely utilized in numerous engineering structures and structures.

Environmental management efficiency: Zirconium/steel composite panels do not generate harmful gases and pollutants, so they are thought about as an environmentally friendly and lasting material.

Application of Zirconium Steel Composite Plate Zirconium Attired Plate

Ocean design: Zirconium/steel composite panels are used in pipes, pump casings, hulls, seawater desalination devices, and other ocean-related structures. Due to their superb corrosion resistance and high toughness, they have become essential materials in aquatic engineering.

Nuclear power design: Zirconium/steel composite plates are used in nuclear power design for radiation security and anti-corrosion products, such as pressurized water activator cores and voltage regulatory authority internals.

Chemical design: Zirconium/steel composite panels are used to manufacture pipelines, activators, container autos, and various other equipment in chemical design. Due to their good rust resistance and high-temperature performance, they have actually been commonly utilized in chemical design.

Other fields: zirconium/steel composite panels can also be made use of in oil, metallurgy, army shields, and other areas

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Payment Methods of Zirconium Steel Composite Plate Zirconium Attired Plate

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Shipment of Zirconium Steel Composite Plate Zirconium Attired Plate

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Question: What are the advantages of zirconium steel composite panels compared to other materials?

Answer: Compared with other materials, the advantages of zirconium steel composite panels are its strong corrosion resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance, and easy processing. At the same time, its cost is relatively low and cost-effective.


Question: What is the manufacturing process of zirconium steel composite panels?

Answer: The manufacturing process of zirconium steel composite panels mainly includes surface treatment, composite, rolling, annealing and other steps. Among them, cladding is a key link, and the zirconium plate and steel plate are firmly combined through methods such as explosive cladding or hot rolling cladding.


Question: How to ensure the bonding strength of zirconium steel composite panels?

Answer: The key to ensuring the bonding strength of zirconium steel composite panels lies in the control of the composite process. By optimizing composite parameters, improving surface treatment quality, selecting appropriate rolling processes, etc., it can be ensured that the bonding strength of the composite plate meets the usage requirements.


Question: What is the corrosion resistance of zirconium steel composite panels?

Answer: Zirconium steel composite plate has excellent corrosion resistance, especially in corrosive media containing chlorine, sulfur and other corrosive media. Its corrosion resistance far exceeds that of ordinary stainless steel and carbon steel. This makes it have broad application prospects in chemical industry, marine engineering and other fields.


Question: What should we pay attention to when using zirconium steel composite panels?

Answer: When using zirconium steel composite panels, you need to pay attention to avoid excessive stress, prevent scratches and collisions, and keep the surface clean, etc. At the same time, for use in special environments, appropriate protective measures need to be taken according to specific circumstances.


Question: How to maintain and maintain zirconium steel composite panels?

Answer: Maintenance and maintenance of zirconium steel composite panels mainly include regular inspection, surface cleaning, corrosion prevention, etc. When scratches or damage are found on the surface, they should be repaired in time. In addition, for long-term use of composite panels, regular performance testing and evaluation are required.


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