What are the surface treatment processes for stainless steel plates?-Mirror surface

Commonly used decorative panel surfaces include 2B surface and BA surface. The main difference between the 2B side and the BA side is annealing: 2B is annealed, pickled, with a certain degree of oxidation on the surface, and the board surface is darker, while BA is bright annealed, not oxidized, and the surface is brighter. The processes that can be processed are as follows:

Mirror surface

The mirror surface treatment of stainless steel is the process of polishing the surface of stainless steel to obtain a bright surface like a mirror. Subsequent processes, such as titanium plating and etching, can be carried out.

The mirror surface, also known as 8K, is graded based on the surface brightness and the control of the devil’s head flower. The grading system includes 6K, 8K, fine grinding 8K, and super fine grinding 8K. The brightness of the surface and the control of the devil’s head flower are key factors in determining the grade of the mirror surface.

According to the different specifications and thickness, divided into manual grinding and machine grinding: machine grinding 8K specifications: thickness: 0.3-3.0mm, length: 1.6 meters or more – 4.5 meters. Depending on the thickness and processing requirements, the processing prices are different.

Specifications for manual grinding of 8K: Thickness: Boards above 3.0mm must be ground by hand, and the length is as needed. (Because there is glass under the grinding head, too heavy weight will crush the glass)

The working procedure of grinding 8K: grinding the blade – feeding the plate into the machine – coarse sanding (coarse grinding) – fine sanding (fine grinding) – cleaning – drying – film (note: coarse grinding: the grinding head is wrapped with fine sandpaper. Determines the brightness of the board, fine grinding: the grinding head is wrapped with felt, which determines whether there is a grinding head flower)

Finished product standards for quality inspection: The board surface should be free of insufficient brightness, scratches, creases, damage, residual stains, uneven film application, etc.

Mirror stainless steel honeycomb panel ceiling


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