What are the surface treatment processes for stainless steel plates?-Etching

Working principle: First, use a mold to print the pattern on the surface of the stainless steel plate with ink, and then use a potion to corrode the stainless steel plate to obtain the desired pattern effect.

Etching is divided into three types: photosensitive etching, silk screen etching, and titanium removal etching:

1) Photosensitive etching: Using the principle of film exposure, patterns are printed on the surface of stainless steel plates. It is suitable for irregular lengths, small batches, or workpieces. Photosensitive etching must be done if the etching depth is above 20 C. The maximum depth of etching that can be done on stainless steel is 50 C. C.

2) Silk screen etching: Silk screen printing involves printing the pattern mold with ink on the stainless steel plate and using chemical corrosion to corrode the parts that are not coated with ink to form the pattern. Silk screen printing is suitable for etching fixed-length and large-volume flat plates, and the etching depth is within 3-15C.

3) Titanium fading moment: There is no depth on the surface, and part of the color is oxidized, causing patterns to appear on the surface of the stainless steel plate.

Etching working procedures: printing (coating with ink) – drying the plate – feeding the plate into the machine – corrosion – ink removal – cleaning – drying – finished film quality inspection standards: no acid spots on the board surface, no rotten edges, and no ink. Note: It is recommended to use 304 material for etching as much as possible. Reason: 201 material contains low nickel, the etching position will turn black, the board will be easily burned, and the service life will be short. The deeper the etching, the harder it is to protect the ink and the more expensive it is.

Etched stainless steel honeycomb panel elevator door panel


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