What are the surface treatment processes for stainless steel plates?-sandblasting, random lines and Lamination and thermal transfer

Working principle: Use compressed air as power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the spray material onto the surface of the work piece to be processed at high speed so that the surface of the work piece gets the effect of sand grains. There should be no fingerprints, oil stains, or sweat stains on the board surface during sandblasting. Otherwise, they will remain on the surface after processing and cannot be removed.

The working procedure of sandblasting is as follows: change the sand grains, feed the board into the machine, clean the board surface, sandblast, blow off the floating sand on the surface, and finish product standards for film quality inspection: there should be no uneven sandblasting on the board surface, and there should be no fingerprints on the Yin and Yang sides, oil stains, etc.

Random lines

It is also called the He pattern and the Zhen pattern. Working principle: The high-speed rotating abrasive belt is used to grind the stainless steel plate surface in a circular pattern to create a circular hairline effect.

Lamination and thermal transfer (wood grain board)

The working principle of lamination: stick glue to the surface of the stainless steel plate and roll the film onto the surface of the stainless steel plate through the high temperature of the machine so that the steel plate and the film are firmly attached. The working principle of thermal transfer printing: The transfer paper is bonded to the surface of the stainless steel plate through high-temperature rolling by the machine. The surface covered by lamination and transfer printing is similar to the pattern. It is also called wood grain board, but lamination and transfer printing There are differences in the process of use. The film of the coated board is easy to burst when bent again, but the transfer board generally does not. Specifications that can be processed for laminating and transfer printing: base plate: brushed plate, thickness: 0.4-3.0mm, width: 1000mm, 1219mm, maximum width four feet (because the maximum width that the film can be transferred to is four feet, if you want to make more Large width, must be spliced), length: variable length can be processed. The working procedure of laminating: board drawing-board feeding, machine-rolling, and bonding-filming

The working procedure of transfer printing: board drawing-priming-powder spraying-drawing-spraying-finished product standard for fingerprint-free quality inspection: the board surface must be flat, and there must be no phenomenon that the board surface is not covered with film. The film should be applied neatly.


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