What are the surface treatment processes for stainless steel plates?-Water-plated black titanium

Working principle: Put the stainless steel plate into the chemical pool to undergo a chemical reaction and finally obtain a blackened plate surface. The color of water-plated black titanium is darker than that of vacuum-plated titanium. The color difference is 90% controllable. The reasons for the color difference are 1. Potion problem. 2. The problem of plates.

The working procedure of water plating black titanium: cutting – drilling – washing the plate – putting it in the medicine pool – taking it out of the oven – cleaning – drying – film

The finished product standards for quality inspection are no color difference in the board surface, no yin and yang sides, and no fingerprints, sweat stains, or scratches.

Water plating copper

Working principle: Put the plate into a chemical pool and coat a layer of copper powder on the surface of the stainless steel plate to imitate antique copper. Things to note before copper plating: The board surface should be free of fingerprints, damage, or sweat stains. It must be oiled after copper plating; otherwise, it will oxidize quickly.

The working procedure of copper plating is as follows: ordinary frosting—high-temperature oil removal and impurity removal—nickel plating (to improve copper’s adhesion)—copper plating—gun black plating—cleaning—drying—finished product frosting—oiling—film. Finished product standards for quality inspection are as follows: finished products must not have impurities, bubbles, scratches, or bruises.


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